Theoretical Foundation for Residual Lifetime Estimation

H. Hirose

Transactions of IEEJ, Vol. 116-B, No.2, pp.168-173 (1996.2)

This paper shows a method, in the Weibull-power model, of estimating the parameters and the residual lifetime of insulation which had been under the specified service voltage stress for a long period. The deterioration model is assumed to include a threshold stress below
which a breakdown will not occur. When a presumptive threshold is higher than the service voltage stress, the insulation will not deteriorate at all. In such a case, a hypothesis test which determines whether the threshold is higher than the service stress is shown; the test can also support the existence of a strictly positive threshold. These methods will be applicable to the residual lifetime analysis for cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables which had been used for decades. Some simulated examples are demonstrated.

Key Words

Weibull-power model, resisual lifetime, threshold stress,
accelerated life-test, step-stress test, maximum likelihood estimation

Controlled Indexing:insulation testing; life testing; maximum likelihood estimation; power cable insulation; Weibull distribution; XLPE insulation
Uncontrolled Indexing:residual lifetime estimation; Weibull-power model; insulation; service voltage stress; threshold stress; cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables; accelerated life testing; step stress test; maximum likelihood estimation



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