Bias in the Estimation of the New Up-and-Down Method


小守, 廣瀬

Y. Komori, H. Hirose

Information, Vol.3, No.2, pp.183-192 (2000.4)

The flashover voltage estimation has been carried out with the up-and-down method by Dixon et al. (1948) conventionally. On the other hand, Hirose et al. (Hirose:1998,Hirose:1999) proposed a new version of the method to change the way of analyzing data, and asserted that their new method had an advantage to give better confidence interval for the estimate.
In this paper we are concerned with an issue on the bias in the estimator of the new method and investigate it analytically. This makes it clear the relationship between the new and the conventional ones. All the results are numerically confirmed.

Key Words
flashover voltage, estimation, up-and-down method, bias



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